Bid Coordinator – Job Ref PP17




  • To provide support to the Business Development team with Pre-Qualifying Questionnaires and Tender Response submissions.
  • Prepare Pre Qualifying Questionnaires liaising with internal departments, external clients and the Business Development team regarding bespoke informational requirements.
  • Process, acknowledge and distribute all tender applications to the relative members in the Business Development team.
  • Maintain and update customer database when entering PQ’s; SQ and RQ’s on CRM database.
  • Compile bound tender submissions and arrange courier services to ensure timely submission of tenders.
  • Manage the follow up on submitted tenders and quotes for the Business Development Team.
  • Input with creative writing for sales material; PQQ and tender questions.
  • Work in conjunction with the Business Development Team to improve on current processes and implement new systems
  • Provide a high level of support and administration function to the Business Development team in order to achieve Liftec sales targets. 



  1. Display the ability to respond to PQQ and tender invitations.
  2. Communicate who is needed on bids across the business
  3. Professionally answer incoming calls and enquiries to the Business Development Team and distribute accordingly.
  4. Handling all correspondence and organising contact between the sales team and their customers.
  5. Write technical and non-technical content for PPQ / tender submissions
  6. Efficiently manage follow up on quotations and tenders for Business Development Team members when requested.
  7. Be able to communicate with colleagues and other departments on order to request / provide information such as required by the PQQ and Tender process, including supplier approval forms.


  1. Support Sales director and business development team with bids and marketing activities
  2. Provide an additional staff resource for the office team when required.
  3. Liaise between Repairs Managers/Directors, Engineers, Administrators and Clients in a courteous manner providing a high quality service.

Planning and organising

  1. Plan and co-ordinate the compilation of PQQ and tender submission to tight deadlines and schedules.
  2. Assist the Business Development Team to complete time bound projects and tasks.
  3. Responsible for the production of PQQ’s and tender submission to the highest quality with a good understanding of creating attractive and informative documentation.
  4. Maintain high quality bid material, templates and case studies to continuously improve the quality and success of future submissions.
  5. Responsible for the data entry of new PQQ submissions, Questions & Answers on the in house PQQ Trace and CRM databases.
  6. Maintain and improve the system to control multifaceted tenders/quotation documents.
  7. Be able to maintain accuracy of responsibilities despite breaks in the workflow to handle interruptions.
  8. Continuous maintenance of all appropriate files and other general information necessary to the functioning of the Business Development Team.

Flexibility / Adaptability

  1. Undertake other duties at the direction of the Directors and perform other tasks necessary to achieve overall objectives of Liftec Lifts Ltd.

Customer Focus

  1. Ensure Liftec Lifts Ltd is at the leading edge of customer service by maintaining excellent standards of customer care, displaying excellent manners, sensitivity and discretion at all times.
  2. Display a smart, professional public image in person and over the telephone, recognising that the impression given by the Business Development Team will impact on the image of the whole company.
  3. Answer questions from colleagues and clients about sales and general departmental information.

Initiative / Assertiveness

  1. Ensure highly accurate documentation with the ability to proof read submitted answers and suggest appropriate improvements.
  2. Maintain accurate process in order to follow up quotes and tenders.
  3. Design layouts for bids, product images and graphics for submission presentations.
  4. Continually develop an understanding of the company’s culture, products ethical initiatives, other areas of business, and reflect this in everyday performance.
  5. Interpret instructions and issues arising, and then implement actions according to administrative policies and procedures.
  6. Adhere to ISO 900; OHSAS18001 and ISO14001 management systems.
  7. Display a strong sense of responsibility and desire to perform tasks properly.
  8. Perform other related duties incidental to the work described.